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GaiusCruoris's gameplay for FarmVille (WEB)

GaiusCruoris played FarmVille

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GaiusCruoris said...
I've got enough coins again to fill my fenced in plots with whatever crops I want. I don't quite have enough to buy up all the decorations I want, but I will before long.
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Once you get a big enough farm you may want to try the trap method. you start the game. DO NOT move your farmer. delete any crops if he is standing on(if any) then trap him front back, and side to side with hay bales. this will almost cut your harvest to planting time in half. If you want A pic I will post one.
Yeah, that's the first thing I did when I redesigned my farm on Wednesday, except that I used barrels instead of hay bales. It looks a little funny, but it does save time.
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